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We are a full-service ionic mobile app development company that believes in building truly engaging and sleek mobile applications for all kinds of devices. Using the powerful framework of iconic, we create unique high performing mobile apps with ionic that offer one-of-a-kind user experiences to our customers worldwide.

As market leaders in ionic app development, we focus on building native apps using the ionic framework to support all your cross-platform needs. Be it iOS, Android, or the web, with our ionic mobile app development solutions you are able to tap into the native functionalities of the mobile platform which includes Push Notifications, GPS and camera. When you enlist our ionic app development services, we provide you great ionic mobile apps that are not just browser-based but also cater to the web view of Android and IU web view for all operating systems.

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Why Choose ionic apps?
Ionic is an open-source framework to develop hybrid mobile apps. The underlying technology of Ionic is Angular JS and Apache Cordova. Ionic provides an efficient environment to create mobile apps with commonplace web development tools like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. The focus remains on creating standard components that create a visually pleasing and functionally satisfying hybrid app.
Last Minute Solutions offers excellent benefits that encourage our clients to place their projects of ionic application development with us. We provide timely delivery and create hybrid apps that follow the best development practices, as suggested by Google and Apple. With our experienced team at work, our clients’ hybrid app projects are always in the hands of winning professionals.
Why Choose Us?
Key Advantages Of
Ionic Framework
  • Ionic framework is open-source, and access to its modules and elements is freely available.
  • Ionic apps are cost-effective, as they employ a single codebase to target multiple platforms, notably including Android, iOS, and Windows. The use of resources is optimized, resulting in functional apps with crisp UI features.
  • Ionic apps are developed with the AngularJS framework that provides additional features. This reduces the app development lifecycle and includes implementation benefits.
  • The use of various CSS and JavaScript components in the Ionic framework is ideal for creating simplistic yet consistent UI designs that many clients require.
Articulating Requirements Into A Stellar
Ionic App
Last Minute Solutions focuses on understanding the Ionic app development requirements of our clients and then preparing a stellar Ionic app based on these needs. Our business analysts will ask our clients all the relevant questions related to the ionic application development that result in understanding the functions that a hybrid app needs to service for success..

Covering all major mobile platforms, our experts use the high-quality components ofthe Ionic framework to save time, be cost-effective, and produce the desired quality of service. Our skilled developers combine their excellent programming skills with the available tools in Ionic to create feature-rich hybrid apps that make full use of the available themes and plugins in the framework.